Busy Brooklyn Streets, Meet the Audi Q3 Crossover

Looking for something that's both nimble and spacious to enjoy on the streets of Brooklyn? We love the versatility of our new Audi inventory, and among these varied models, the Audi Q3 crossover is well-suited to the driving demands of our busy city.

With quattro all-wheel drive technology and a 200-horsepower, turbocharged engine, the Q3 is responsive in busy traffic and efficient enough for long weekend trips.

Plus, with available MMI navigation technology, which utilizes Google Earth 3D satellite imagery, you can check local traffic and weather updates to adjust your route accordingly and make your car a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot.

Of course, luxury features like leather seating and dual-zone automatic climate control also make your daily commute infinitely more comfortable, as well.

Curious to see what else the Q3 has to offer in the way of daily convenience and comfort? Schedule a test drive at our 665 65th Street location in Brooklyn and find out for yourself.

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