Audi models with quattro technology are winter-ready

Audi's legendary models make the perfect winter companion thanks to fined-tuned Audi technology that has been 35 years in the making. Why is this important to drivers in Brooklyn, NY?

Audi models equipped with quattro all-wheel drive have great grip and torque, because the system is designed to provide power to the wheels that need it the most. As a result, the vehicle's handling and cornering performance is maximized in the wet-weather conditions of the cold season.

What is more, quattro is uniquely tailored to specific vehicles, whether its one of our high performance sportscars or rugged SUVs.

If you'd like to survive Nor'easters and slick city streets in a stunning Audi, ask about quattro technology offered in our new models here at Audi Brooklyn.

Looking to experience an Audi firsthand? Schedule a test drive at our 665 65th Street location in Brooklyn and explore Audi performance for yourself.

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